Melasma Treatment in Delhi, Advantages of Laser therapy

Melasma Treatment in Delhi, Advantages of Laser therapy, Best clinic.

Melasma treatment in Delhi; is a dysregulation of the homeostatic mechanisms that control skin pigmentation and the excess pigment is produced.

Melasma is like brown spots or splotches on the forehead, cheeks, jawline or upper lip. Melasma is essentially too much dark pigment that make your skin dull and darker.

The pigment has been triggered by hormones or sun. Melasma can appear when a woman’s hormones change occurs:


Oral contraceptives.

Hormone replacement therapy after menopause.

Although the exact cause of melasma is unknown, it is linked to genetic factors in combination with sun exposure.

Melasma Treatment in Delhi, Advantages of Laser therapy

Laser therapy for Melasma Treatment in Delhi:

Melasma treatment in Delhi by laser treatment is not a new concept for us, but using an intense, specifically targeted laser beam to remove small sections of skin is just now becoming popular.

As a means to treat melasma and as it gives the best of best results. That makes this process more popular day by day.

Beware, if you have melasma or any darkening that is hormone related, don’t allow anyone but an expert to use lasers on your face because it could be life-threatening.

Many lasers will make melasma worse, not better, and it is important to go to an expert laser center, for the best and safe results,  if you’re considering laser treatments for melasma.

The laser system that has shown the best results with melasma over a wide range of skin types and colors is the fractional laser i.e. most commonly used and best for the therapy.

The Fraxel system is FDA approved for treatment of melasma and provide you best results without any risks.

How it works:

Melasma treatment in Delhi uses the fractional lasers that break the laser beam into smaller pixels that can provide a deeper and more effective treatment without the burning and downtime.

Fractional lasers are expensive, and you will probably need 3-4 sessions over 3-6 months. But the data so far has been pretty good on fractional lasers to treat melasma.

Research in this area is very active, and there will be more fractional lasers hitting the market in the next year because of its popularity.

Benefits of Fractional Resurfacing

Fractional resurfacing is a one-time treatment, after completing the process you don’t need soo many sessions.

Unlike Microdermabrasion, the therapy involves the use of a wand tip covered in micro-sized granules of a hard mineral.

Melasma Treatment in Delhi, Advantages of Laser therapy

Laser resurfacing does not scrub away the surface skin. Instead, it causes small wounds that encourage new, healthier skin growth and remove the melasma.

The results are considered permanent and best, with many patients reporting no need to have a second procedure performed.

Fractional resurfacing not only results in a decreased amount of melanin production in the treated areas, it also helps to get rid of wrinkles, age spots, scars, and freckles.

Acne scars and scars are also often reduced when a laser resurfacing procedure is performed.

A local anesthetic is often used all that is necessary for patient comfort during the treatment.

Fractional resurfacing, the new skin cells tend to be free of the overabundance of melanin.

The patient often shows an improvement in skin tone as well as skin texture and make it brighter also.

After the treatment of Melasma treatment in Delhi:

After the laser resurfacing is complete, patients will have very sensitive facial skin or for that, they should follow the doctor’s instructions.

In most cases, a special ointment and bandages are used after the laser treatment, and the patient will need to keep these bandages on for one or two days.

Recovery time is about one month and less, with most of the scabbing having disappeared after a week.

After having the therapy, you can see drastic changes in your complexion and you can also notice the improvement in your appearance.

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