Open Pores

Open Pores Treatment in Delhi

Open Pores are the openings of oil glands present in our face. When these openings are excessively dilated, they are called as open pores. One of the fastest methods to get rid
of open pores is Laser treatment in Delhi.

Our dermatologists in Delhi might recommend complementary therapeutic Treatment for Open Pores.

Open pores are caused because of the oily skin and face, excessive sweating, aging, excessive makeup, and genetics reasons and family history reasons.

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It contains millions of pores, Even if most of them are not visible to the human eye. All of these pores are open, allowing the skin to breathe.

Each pore contains a hair follicle and each pore also contains sebaceous glands that make an oil called sebum.

The sebaceous glands are most abundant in the pores on your face, back, chest, and groin. Hormones play a role in stimulating these glands in order to produce more abundant quantities of sebum(oil).

That is why the pores on your face, most specifically those on your nose, forehead, and cheeks and chin, may appear larger than they do on other areas of your body.

Any skin type, whether it is oily, normal, or dry, can take on the appearance of having large, open pores.

These may give your skin a dull and boring appearance, particularly if they’re clogged with dirt, bacteria, oil, or dead skin cells.

While not a medical concern, open pores can be a cosmetic issue for some people who do not like the way their skin appears.

In adolescents, and in adults who are prone to acne, open pores may become clogged, turning into blackheads or whiteheads.

Aging skin containing less collagen may also take on the appearance of having larger and open pores, Which might also cause concern.

Pores cannot be opened or closed. They also cannot be made smaller. Often, when people say they wish to open their open pores.

What they are referring to is a deep cleaning to remove excess oil and debris. This may make open pores look as if they have shrunk or closed.

Causes of large-looking open pores:

There are several causes of large-looking open pores. They include:
  • High levels of oil (sebum) production.
  • Reduced elasticity around pores.
  • Thick hair follicles.
  • Genetics or heredity.
  • Reduction of collagen production in the skin, caused by aging.
  • Sun damage or overexposure to the sun.

Open PoresOpen pores versus clear pores:

Despite the prevalence of products promising to open pores,  it is important to remember that they are already open.

Steamy facials may make you feel as if you are opening up your pores but in essence, what you are really doing is cleansing your pores of oil, dead skin cells, and debris.

While skin does not technically breathe the way our lungs do, it does require open pores to keep you cool and to eliminate dead skin cells so that new cells can grow.

We recommend laser treatment for open pores as they are extremely effective and best. Adorable Skin Clinic Offers various types of sun damage and skin tightening treatments in Delhi.

Our experienced team provides the best effective solutions for the skin treatments Lasers induce remodeling of collagen which contributes to reducing acne scars and pits on the skin surface.

At the Adorable clinic, we will choose particular laser treatment based upon the size of pores, skin type of patients and expected results.

We take care of every small process regarding your problem. The results are extremely satisfying and the treatment is absolutely safe.

The Adorable Skin Clinic has laser treatments, chemical peels and facials that help remove the hidden Open Pores. Only a few sessions will be required to get the desired result.

Treatment for Enlarged Pores Tips:

Fraxel Laser Treatment:

Fraxel Laser utilizes a new technology called Fractional Laser Resurfacing Treatment in Delhi. With Fractional Resurfacing Technology, only a fraction of the skin receives the laser light.

The laser delivers a series of microscopic closely spaced laser spots to the skin while simultaneously preserving normal healthy and youthful skin between the laser spots.

This preservation of healthy skin results in rapid healing following the laser treatment.

Laser Skin Resurfacing-Laser resurfacing is the latest breakthrough in a rejuvenation of the face and skin.

Using a wand like a laser handpiece wrinkles are vaporized and replaced by fresh skin cells. There is more control in the depth of penetration and this allows more precision and safety in the treatment in Delhi.

Get refreshed, youthful glow with Fraxel Laser Treatment:

Want to take years off your face? Fraxel Laser Treatment can help pleased to provide this innovative and creative technology for fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, wrinkles, and skin discolorations.

Fraxel Laser treatment is an unparalleled procedure to resurface blemished skin and reveal the adolescent skin you hope for.

One statistics reveal that laser skin resurfacing is one of the top five most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments in Delhi.

Fraxel laser treatment is one type of resurfacing procedure. The treatment is widely preferred by dermatologists to treat wrinkles, open pores or sun damaged skin.

What Is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

A Fraxel laser discharges tiny lines of highly concentrated light about the dimension of a hair follicle in a procedure named as fractional photo thermolysis.

This encourages the development of fresh skin tissues and the generation of collagen. Collagen is the organic component that provides adolescent skin its elasticity and beautiful appearance.

The treatment is widely preferred on sun marks, to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, in certain cases, to recondition damage like scarring from a pimple or wound to the pigment.

How Is The Fraxel Treatment Performed:

This result-oriented treatment may be performed to diminish the spiky sensation few patients notify.

The person, going through this procedure, is settled in a reclining state and may be given oral painkillers at the time of treatment.

Once the treatment is performed or completed, ice may be gently massaged to the skin to minimize swelling and inconvenience.

In order to attain the desired results, it is strongly recommended to go through three to five sessions, which are spaced up to a four-week period. Highest possible results will be attained in about six months.

Benefits of Fraxel Laser Procedure over other Resurfacing Treatments:

Conventional laser procedures are useful in many skin issues like Laser hair removal, acne scars removal, stretch marks removal, open pores, etc.

They involve high heat to evaporate undesired tissue. While very successful in producing a desired or intended result, those Laser resurfacing treatments have the lengthy downtime and are painful.

Healthy cell along with concentrated tissue are influenced by these resurfacing skin treatments.

However, a recently discovered treatment named as the Fraxel laser procedure has a much quicker downtime and causes no severe pain, this procedure is best for open pores.

This procedure does not destroy skin tissue. Recovery time and adverse effects are minimum as compared to other resurfacing treatments.


It is an effective cosmetic procedure, used to reduce fine lines. Microdermabrasion is an effectively painless substitute to abrasive chemical and laser treatments.

This procedure does not require anesthesia, recuperation time, is relatively painless, involves nominal risk and is effective for all skin types.

Photo Rejuvenation:

Photo Rejuvenation is a series of intense light pulses that are absorbed by abnormally enlarged vessels or pigmentation as they make way through the skin’s surface.

The heat of the light pulses weakens the enlarged vessels or lesions which triggers normal healing progression.

Lesions can form and will darken before being absorbed by the body or flaking off. This process causes no damage to the skin.

Photo Rejuvenation leads to restoration of even-toned and smoother skin. Significant improvements may be seen after 2 to 3 sessions, However, 5 treatments are normally recommended the or best possible results.


Vibradermabrasion is a dermatologist-developed, clinically tested method of producing more youthful-looking.

Radiant and vibrant skin It improves skin tone and texture by effectively exfoliating old cells and stimulating the growth of new collagen.

Vibraderm technology employs a patented vibrating surface that removes layers of damaged dead skin cells.

Vibradermabrasion is a dermatologist-developed, clinically tested method of producing more youthful-looking, radiant and vibrant skin.

Scientific studies show it improves skin tone and texture by effectively exfoliating old cells and stimulating the growth of new collagen.

Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and brown discolorations can all improve with vibradermabrasion.

Open PoresChemical peel Treatments in Delhi:

What is the treatment:

Pores are the tiny openings all over our skin that help the skin to breathe and remain the skin hydrated.

They also help in eliminating toxins from our bodies. However, Sometimes these pores may expand due to clogging and dilation.

That is when they become a problem. There are more likely to occur in people with oily skin.

These pores are mostly painless and harmless but can be very unpleasing and bad to the eye, Especially when they occur on the face.

This condition may be due to heredity, aging, excessive sweating, unhygienic habits, poor quality makeup or blackheads.

There are a number of home remedies available to lessen your open pores but theyare not permanent. Your dermatologist may suggest salicylic acid and retinoids heal your open pores.

If they do not work, you have the option to go for Lasers, TCA Cross, Derma Rollers, AFT technology or Pixel perfect technology.

How is the treatment done?

If your skin is extremely oily and has open pores, you may want to try face washes and toners that contain salicylic acid.

This acid seeps inside the sebaceous ducts and removes the keratin plugs resulting in the reduction of your open pores.

Retinoids must be consumed only at the recommendation of your dermatologist. Oral and topical retinoids will reduce the oil secretions and the pores. Lasers are known to efficiently reduce bigger pits and craters caused by acne scars.

They induce collagen remodeling to diminish the pores. TCA Cross involves an application of tri-chloro-acetic acid with the use of a toothpick on the walls of the open pores.

A black scab will form on each pore and will fall off in the next 7 to 10 days. Derma Rollers also use collagen remodeling to reduce the pores.

They can be used in mild to moderate cases as they are less effective than lasers. AFT technology is a light based device used to rejuvenate the skin resulting in a brighter and fresher skin immediately after completing the procedure.

Natural light is made to reach deep inside the skin to form collagen and stimulate the new skin.

Pixel perfect treatment will push your skin to self-exfoliate in order to form new skin within seven days.

Who is eligible for the treatment:

If you feel that the pores on your skin have opened too much and are making your skin look so ugly, you must consult a dermatologist in Delhi and get this condition treated.

Who is not eligible for the treatment:

If you are going through some other medical treatment, the open pores may be a side effect of the medications from that treatment. Wait for that treatment to subside before getting on with the open pores’ procedure.

Are there any side effects:

Consult a dermatologist in Delhi before using salicylic acid if you have dry or sensitive skin. It may cause some serious damage.

AFT technology is not known to have any side effects. Other treatments may result in temporary redness, irritation or mild itchiness in your skin for some time.

What are the post-treatment guidelines:

Along with following your dermatologist’s instructions, You must make sure that your skin is clean at all times.

Use a good face wash and toner twice a day to clear off all the dirt from your pores. Apply a good amount of sunscreen lotion with an SPF of at least 30.

Before stepping out in the sun. Use only good quality makeup, if you must. Avoid junk food and consume a nutritious diet including items rich in vitamin C AND E.

How long does it take to recover:

AFT technology shows immediate results. Pixel perfect technology takes about 7 days. It will take about 7 to 10 days if you choose TCA cross.

Lasers and Derma Rollers may have to be done a few times depending on the severity of your condition. Only then will they show results.

What is the cost of the treatment in Delhi:

One session of consultation with your dermatologist in Delhi may depend on the treatment type. The cost of treatment may vary according to the one you choose to go for, the severity of your condition and the area of skin covered.

Are the results of the treatment permanent:

The results of the treatment may or may not be permanent. Skin pores may return with aging, hormonal changes, unhygienic conditions or any other reason. However, you must take keep your skin clean and have to take care of your skin in order to avoid the situations.

Derma Roller Treatment in Delhi for Open Pores:

Derma Roller It is a safe, effective and popular skin rejuvenation treatment in Delhi. Also known as micro-needling.

It is a simple handheld roller with microscopic needles (0.5-2.0mm long). Derma rollers give excellent results on fine lines, Open pores, Acne scars and boost the elasticity of the skin by stimulating collagen.

All skin types can be treated with minimal downtime. The results can be appreciated as early as 4 weeks.

The effects of the treatment can be enhanced by the concomitant use of active serums that quickly penetrate into the pores that have been opened up by the derma rollers.

Skin Specialist in Delhi:

Skin specialist in Delhi is the answer to your all skin disorder. Skin is an important part of your body which reflects on your appearance and personality.

Laser treatment for acne scars has been proven to be the best available treatment to remove stubborn acne scars completely, Says Skin Specialist in Delhi.

Make a call and to schedule your consultation here for the best results and to make your skin and your personality more beautiful and get rid of open pores to improve your appearance.

We serve the best, with the best team and best equipment in very fresh and friendly environment.