Tanning Removal

Tanning Removal/Treatment in Delhi

Tanning removal, Tan is the effect of the sun on the skin which makes the skin color
get darker than its usual tone.

Even though exposure to the sun is important for deriving Vitamin D, getting suntanned does not look attractive.

The skin color naturally darkens when exposed to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It’s the body’s way of coping. The sun triggers the production of melanin in the skin. Skin cells called melanocytes produce the melanin.

Laser tanning removal involves exposing the damaged skin to laser light and the procedure eliminates the need for medication and almost always has immediate results.

This treatment essentially will help to improve the skin condition such as if you possess acne or are prone to developing acne, Tanning, Pigmentation, dull skin or you need an instant glow.

Sun tanning is the process whereby the skin is darkened due to exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun or due to artificial skin tanning methods, such as the use of a tanning lamp found in tanning beds.

Our skin consists of melanin that not only adds color to the skin but also protects the deeper layers of the skin. A suntan appears when the skin produces more and more melanin to protect itself from the sun rays.

Causes & Symptoms Of Skin Tanning:

Skin tanning is caused due to continuous exposure to the sun. The sunrays consist of two types of ultraviolet rays – UVA and UVB.

The UVB rays burn the skin and the UVA rays tan the skin. The UVA rays penetrate the lower layers of the epidermis and stimulate the melanocytes into producing more melanin that causes the tanning. Melanin production is the skin’s natural procedure to prevent a sunburn.

Suntan implies darkening of the skin that is exposed more to the sun’s rays. It leads to uneven pigmentation in different parts of the body.

Why Should You Remove Tan On Face?

Removal of skin tan is essential as it ensures a healthy looking skin. It removes all the dead cells clogging the pores and allows the skin to breathe freely.

It gives even tone to the skin and reduces the aging signs. It also improves your confidence when you are out facing the world.

How To Remove Tan From Face:

Tan removal is a common requirement among individuals as the tanned skin generally looks lifeless and blotchy. There are various tan removal treatments that can be opted for.

Laser Tanning Removal Treatment In Delhi:

One of the best and simplest ways of removing tan is the laser tan removal treatment. It uses non-invasive light treatment to repair and regenerate skin cells.

This treatment does not require any surgery, and the tan is almost immediately removed. Laser toning using Q-Switched Nd YAG laser not only removes uneven pigmentation, tan, sun spots, etc.

but also helps in improving the appearance of fine lines and open pores. It is hardly associated with any downtime thus making it a lunch hour procedure in the modern urban schedule.

This is an all-around treatment for the skin as it has anti-aging effects on the skin as well. It eventually improves the aesthetic value of your face.

Tanning RemovalWhy choose laser treatment for tanned skin and pigmentation

The benefits that laser therapy entails are many. Laser treatment for pigmentation and tan removal improves the healing response of skin, it improves immune response along with the promotion of collagen for skin cell production.

It also increases the blood circulation in the treatment area and reduces inflammation too.
Laser therapy works by removing the damaged skin cells and inducing the skin to produce fresh and healthy skin cells eventually improving the aesthetic appeal of your skin.

How Laser Therapy carried out:

Laser treatment for tan removal uses a low-level red laser that is applied to the area of sun damaged skin. The light penetrates to up to three inches into the skin.

This promotes the growth of new skin cells along with increased production of collagen, enzymes and cell growth. Laser therapy also prevents scar tissue from forming with increased collagen levels in the skin.

How to prepare for laser therapy:

Before laser treatment, your dermatologist will review your medical history and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the therapy.

It is important that you discuss expectations, risks, and outcomes of the procedure at this stage. It is also necessary to take certain precautions before treatment:

  • Avoid sun exposure as much as you can. Take maximum care to protect your skin if you have to step out into the sun
  • Avoid tanning beds, waxing, chemical peels before the treatment
  • Avoid perfumes, deodorants and any other possible skin irritants before and after the treatment.

What to expect after the procedure:

You could expect significant changes from immediately to up to several weeks after the procedure. Other effects include:

Redness of the treated area for four to eight hours after the procedure
The slight stinging sensation that subsides within four to eight hours. Ice packs may help reduce any discomfort.
Mild swelling in the treated area for up to a couple of days.

You should also avoid the following after the procedure:

Avoid applying makeup, lotions or any cosmetics to the treated area till your doctor gives you a go-ahead to do so

Strictly adhere to your doctor’s follow up routine

Possible risks of laser therapy:

Laser treatments are safe when performed by a qualified dermatologist. However, the procedure comes with certain risks like pain, swelling, bleeding, infection, scarring or crusting.

These are normal side effects of the treatment, however, if you experience too much of any of the symptoms mentioned you should call your doctor immediately.

Laser treatments are very effective for tanning and pigmentation & can get you fast results.

Before signing up for treatments, consult with a qualified dermatologist and ask to see before and after pictures of previous patients. Make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to the results of the treatment.

Advantages of Laser treatment in Delhi:

It Can Improve Your Appearance:

Laser whitening is one of the most effective procedures that can lighten your dark spots.

It Provides Faster Results Than Other Procedures:

This is because the high intensity light energy can easily be absorbed by melanin, which can be destroyed instantly.

It Enhances Your Skin:

Aside from helping you get rid of dark spots, it can also improve your complexion and make you feel good about yourself.

It Can Boost Your Overall Confidence:

Even skin tone equates to better feeling about yourself too.


Also helps in hair removal in Delhi. Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time. The laser can treat an area approximately the size of a quarter every second.

Small areas such as the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute, and large areas, such as the back or legs, may take up to an hour.

Say bye to Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks are narrow stripes which looks bad, to remove these stretch marks. Contact to Adorable clinic for the best treatment.

Microdermabrasion For Tanning Removal :

This is an exfoliating treatment for tan removal. It removes the tan, dead cells, and debris from the skin’s surface.

It also stimulates the skin to promote the growth of collagen and opens up the clogged pores. The crystals that are applied with the microdermabrasion tip create a vacuuming and suctioning effect.

This allows deep exfoliation that is not possible using regular scrubs. It treats skin problems like dull skin, pigmentation, brown spots, and age spots.

This procedure is non-invasive in nature and is gentle on the skin. This method is quite useful for sun tan removal from the face and the hands.

Chemical Peels For Skin Tanning Removal :

Peels help in quick exfoliation and regeneration of the skin cells. This process reduces the tanning effect on the skin.

Your skin type will determine which peel is most suitable for you. Some of the common peels that are used are Salicylic Peel, Glycolic Peel, and Lactic Peel. This is a very suitable tan removal treatment for any part of the body.

Chemical Peels:

Chemical Peels are concentrated fruit acid extracts that lead to the softening of dead skin cells and eventually peeling them off.

They are used to improve and smoothen the texture of the skin. Using a mild exfoliating action, these lead to the removal of the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a cleaner, healthier skin beneath.

Chemical peels are only effective when they are done by a professional as he is the one who can decide the choice of peel and its application. Make sure you visit a certified dermatologist only and discuss everything related to your medical history, diet and lifestyle with him.

Your Dermatologist is the best person to determine the severity of your skin condition and recommend the best treatment accordingly.

In these treatments, the superficial top layer of skin, containing the dark pigment, gets naturally exfoliated, as peels use active agents.

This results into the disappearance of tan, leaving your skin 2-3 shades lighter along with a gentle glow on your face.

Anyone can get a peel done, but you should avoid it if you stay out in the sun a lot or have very sensitive skin.

There is a huge variety of chemical peels offered, many different agents like Glycolic acid, TCA, which can be used according to the requirement.

TCA Peels

TCA Peel is most effective in removing tan from skin. It is a relative of vinegar (acetic acid) that reaches slightly deeper into the skin than Glycolic acid and hence produces much stronger results.

It works by removing dead skin cells, leaving you with a lighter, even and flawless skin. The degree and depth of the penetration can be adjusted according to the requirement. The face, neck, chest, back, arms, and legs can be treated with this.


Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed prior to the treatment. The acid will be applied over the affected area and left on the skin for an appropriate amount of time.

Your doctor will apply a neutralizing solution after that. Some patients might suffer a slight stinging sensation for 2-3 minutes, the doctor may use ice water or a fan to reduce that discomfort.

The procedure generally takes about 15-30 minutes. The exact duration and the number of sessions would depend upon the requirement of your skin and will be decided by your Dermatologist.


You might experience slight redness and swelling, but that will subside in a few hours, so there is nothing to worry about.

However, there would be visible peeling of the skin after a week’s time, seen in form of white flakes. This will last for about 5 to 10 days.

Your doctor will recommend you to not apply any soap or cream on the face for the next two days.

You should also avoid stepping outside in the sun for next two-three days and if you have to go outside, then do apply sunblock and use an umbrella or a hat.

Advantages of Chemical Peel Treatment in Delhi:

Chemical peels are typically used to restore a youthful, vibrant appearance to wrinkly, blotchy, sun-damaged skin.

There are three main types of chemical face peels, and each has unique benefits for the skin. The light chemical peel improves acne scars and skin texture, and reduces the effects of sun damage.

The medium chemical peel improves acne as well. The medium peel also smoothes fine surface wrinkles, and corrects pigment problems such as age spots.

The deep chemical peelhelps treat sun-damaged skin, eliminates deep, coarse wrinkles, and can remove pre-cancerous growths. A cosmetic dermatologist can advise you on which peel is right for you.

Are Chemical Peels Safe?

With most chemical peels, adverse reactions are rare, but can include scarring, numbness, and infection.

Following mild to medium peels, patients can expect some relatively common chemical peel side effects, such as mild irritation, redness, and peeling. These side effects will usually last for only a few days.

Stronger chemical peels generally take more recovery time, and the peeling and/or crusting of the skin is typically more pronounced.

As with any medical procedure, patients who decide to undergo a chemical peel should carefully follow their doctors’ instructions for pre- and post-procedure care so that they minimize the potential for adverse side effects.

Tanning RemovalHow Much Does Tanning Removal Treatment Cost In Delhi?

The cost of laser tan removal treatment in Delhi provice effective result at lower cost  However, the total cost varies based on individual skin type, areas of tan on the body, a procedure you choose, the strength of tan, the experience of the dermatologist and underlying health conditions.

Tanning Removal-Things To Expect

Some of the common things that might happen after a tan removal treatment are –

  • You may experience redness in the treated area for 4-5 hours.
  • There might be a slight stinging sensation during the procedure, which does not last for a very long period of time. Simple cold compresses applied after the procedure reduces the stinging sensation.
  • Mild swellings are noticed in the treated area for some time.

What Are The Before And After Results?

With chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser toning, the dead skin layer is removed paving the way to a healthier and tan free skin. The skin texture improves and the original color of the skin is restored.

How To Avoid Sun Tanning Removal From Face:

Prevention is always better than any kind of cure. It is best to apply a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF to prevent tanning. Right quantity of lotion to be applied is equally important to reap the benefits of the sunscreen.

Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen every three hours if you are continuously exposed to the sun rays. Avoid going outdoors during peak hours of sunlight, which is generally between 10.00 am to 3.00 pm in India.

It may seem a little out of fashion, but it is best to wear clothes that cover most of your skin to avoid the tan.

Other Ways To Tanning Removal On Face:

Here are some more sun tan removal tips that you can use which does not involve going to a salon.

Tan Removal Creams:

There are various sun tan removal creams and suntan removal bleaches available in the market. Sadly, they serve a short-term purpose. These creams do not treat the skin cells internally, and the tan is hardly ever removed.

Tan Removal Face Pack:

The market provides us with a variety of tan removal face packs and tan removal face washes.

However, just like the creams, their effect is short lived and despite all the claims of deep cleansing, they hardly do so. A face wash or face pack can only remove the outer layer of dirt from the skin.

Home Remedies For Tanning :

There are many who bank on home remedies to cure skin tans but they hardly ever give you full and quick results. They are temporary and do not deep cleanse, unlike the cosmetic treatments.

Today, tan removal treatments have gained a lot of popularity. Among these, the safety and instant results were seen with cosmetic treatment have made them winners.

Their extra benefits like skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and improved healing are making more people opt for them.

It is best that you go to a good skin clinic when opting for such treatments. Do your research well and pick the best.

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