Face Tightening Method To Have An Attractive Appearance

Face tightening is one of the popular beauty methods. To tighten your skin radiofrequency is one of the effective and best treatments for the skin concern.

Radiofrequency treatments have a form where tightening and firming skin is concerned. Like laser and LED treatments, radiofrequency uses energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production, but the heat energy is electrical rather than light-based.

Radiofrequency dermal heating devices have recently emerged as an effective and non-invasive, aesthetic treatment modality to improve the appearance of textural imperfections, to eliminate facial wrinkles, fine lines, laxity and rhytids, to tighten lax skin and reduce face and neck skin laxity.

Treatments can be performed under the supervision of best dermatologist in Delhi with absolutely no downtime and can often result in dramatic changes in skin texture and appearance. Face, neck, arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs are all amenable to RF treatments.

Patients usually feel the skin tightening effect immediately following each session however the full result becomes evident following the end of the minimum recommended treatment sessions due to the build-up of new collagen in the treated area.

Results are expected to last 1 year and maintenance treatments and follow-ups in Adorable clinic can be continued on a regular basis or repeated as desired by the patient.

These RF treatments can be combined with a variety of aesthetic skin texture complimentary techniques ranging from cosmetology external products and other phototherapy technologies as Infrared and Lasers, LED and even as a maintenance tool after hyaluronic fillers and plastic surgery.

Face Tightening Method To Have An Attractive Appearance

Targets sagging skin:

Radiofrequency is appealing because it is a non-invasive and relatively gentle way to tighten your skin

Radiofrequency is a treatment that has become increasingly popular in recent years and uses RF energy to heat the dermis and tighten the skin without damaging the top layer of the skin.

Who is Ideal candidate for the treatment:

We have seen an increase in both men and women seeking radiofrequency treatments and puts it down to a desire to sculpt problem areas while avoiding pain and long periods of downtime plus most of us can serve to skin benefit.

The beauty of the radiofrequency treatment is that it is suitable for most people the depth of heating helps to firm, tighten and lift as well as reinvigorating skin for a healthy glow.

This ‘glow’ is down to the fact that radiofrequency treatments help to rev up collagen production over time, but do keep that time element in mind.

Who is not an ideal candidate:

As it is a heat-based treatment it is likely to cause further inflammation and make redness worse if you have got rosacea, and it is not advisable if you have got broken blood vessels or capillaries. As with most aesthetic treatments, it is also not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding lady.

How many session you need to see the best results:

While there’s little-to-no downtime or there is no pain involved in laser skin tightening, the tradeoff is that in most cases you need multiple treatment sessions spaced a few days or even weeks apart.

A doctor can call you for anywhere from two to 10 treatments of radiofrequency or radiofrequency micro-needling which targets the superficial layers of the skin to make increase the collagen production in the skin, or just one to five ultrasound treatments since this process targets the deeper layers of the skin right above the muscle.

Face Tightening Method To Have An Attractive Appearance


At 1 month after the last treatment, 90% of the subjects exhibited moderate to significant improvement in skin laxity and skin texture of face and neck this treatment is also suitable for body tightening.

A significant subjective reduction in skin laxity was appreciated following radiofrequency treatments. Areas showed marked improvement.

Candidates reported high overall satisfaction with the treatment. No serious complications were recorded yet.

Face and neck had a positive subjective evaluation after 8 sessions.


The new bipolar RF handpieces for Adorable clinic has been demonstrated as highly effective and safe for non-invasive skin tightening procedure.

Quantitative and qualitative results were documented in the treatment of face and neck skin laxity. Very high patient’s satisfaction was achieved and customers are happy with the service.

The procedure is easy to apply and it involves no discomfort to the patient and requires no downtime whatsoever.

Clearly visible results were obtained after only eight weekly sessions, with improvement continuing after treatments were discontinued and you can go back to your work right after every sitting.

Further treatment sessions or periodic maintenance sessions are recommended by our skin specialist in Delhi and may be administered as required or desired by each individual patient.

The availability of this new RF handpieces significantly enhances the capabilities of achieving the best results, broadening its clinical indications to include face and neck evident skin tightening.

We are experts and having experienced team in helping you rejuvenate and enhance your skin and to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance with our range of non-invasive treatments.

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