Skin Tags, Wart, Moles, Removal in Delhi, Laser Procedure

Skin Tags, Wart, Moles, Removal in Delhi, Laser Procedure

Skin tags are small, soft, and skin-colored growths that hang off the skin and look a bit like warts.

They are very common, harmless, and can vary in color and size from a few millimeters up to 5cm it is about 2 inches wide.

Skin tags are generally found on the neck, armpits, around the groin, or under the breasts. They can also grow on the eyelids or under the folds of the buttocks.


Wart is a reddish-brown lump on the skin which is small, hard and rough. They occur due to the human papillomavirus.

Approximately there are 10 types of warts and the one that is most likely to happen is harmless, this not dangerous for health but it looks bad on the face.

Warts are contagious and can spread easily from one part of the body to another part.


Moles also termed as nevi are likely to be seen on the torso, face, arms, and legs. They are pigmented cells that are dark and brown color spots.

Moles occur in childhood and through the starting 30 years in a person’s life. With time moles generally change gradually and might even change in color and size.

At times hair too can develop on the mole and some disappear with time.

Skin Tags, Wart, Moles, Removal in Delhi, Laser Procedure

Laser Therapy for Removal of Skin tags, Wart, and Moles:

Lasers have the solution to the moles, warts, freckles, tags using the non-surgical surgery. The process includes that leaves no scars and side effects.

The treatment is hassle free and painless. Avail all the treatments under a single roof and notice outstanding results.

With the process, you can easily say bye to the freckles, warts, skin tags, and moles safely and non-surgically at Skin tags removal in Delhi.

The clinic uses the hi-tech technology that is certified too to make certain that best results can be achieved.

The Doctor will utilize the radio frequency laser to remove the moles, warts, tags. In the process, a numbing cream is applied to the area being treated for the patient comfort.

It is a permanent solution to the moles, warts, tags, and freckles without leaving any blemish behind the therapy.

Get assured results with no side effects involved with the process that the treatment employs. This treatment can be achieved by anyone as it suits all skin types.

A laser is a precise, focused beam of light. On the skin, lasers can help with fine lines, wrinkles, freckles, tags, warts, moles, and age spots.

Types of Lasers For tags, wart, and moles Removal in Delhi:

Pulsed-Dye Laser:

This is the main type of laser used to remove warts. The light heats up the blood in the tiny vessels inside the wart and destroys the vessels. Without blood, the wart dies and sheds off.

The laser’s heat may also attack the virus that causes the wart.

The laser may feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin. You won’t feel much pain after the procedure is done. You should heal fully in 2 to 4 weeks.

Laser treatment is also good for hard-to-reach spots, like genital warts in your urethra, the tube that carries pee from your bladder out of your body.
Depending on how many warts you have and where they are, your doctor might give you medicine that numbs the area to make your comfortable.
Skin Tags, Wart, Moles, Removal in Delhi, Laser ProcedureCarbon dioxide laser:This light is as effective as a sharp knife. It might be a good choice if your warts and tags are around your fingernails or toenails and other treatments haven’t worked.First, your doctor will use the laser to cut away the top of the wart. Then the Doctor make the light less focused, and it will burn away the rest.

The debris it stirs may include the virus that caused your warts. You might have more scarring with this treatment than you’d get from the pulsed dye laser.

Erbium: Yttrium/Aluminum/Garnet laser:

The name is a mouthful, but this kind of laser can heat a smaller area with precision, So it doesn’t cause as much scarring.

Researchers don’t think the puffs of debris from this kind of laser spread the wart and tags virus.

Neodymium: Yttrium/Aluminum/Garnet laser:
This laser goes deeper to target the blood vessels in the wart and tags. Doctors who treat children beam this light through a fiber optic cable to zap papillomas.