Acne Scar Laser Treatment and Types

Acne Scar Laser Treatment and Types

Acne scar is not a physically disabling disease but that does not mean it is a harmless affliction. The psychological effects associated with acne scar can leave a deep and sometimes profound impact on self-esteem, confidence, and social life.

Acne scar affects nearly all young people to some extent, with approximately 20% of adolescents suffering moderate to severe acne, which can leave permanent scars for life long. In this article, we will be investigating a relatively novel treatment approach called Acne removal in Delhi.

How Laser Treatments Work:

The laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation that is, an intensely focused pulse of radiation.

Different types of lasers, including those used in acne scar removal in Delhi, differ in their energy and wavelengths.

Laser energy has a heating effect on the tissue that absorbs it. Depending on a series of complex factors, this can have various effects on the target cells from stimulating their activity to causing their death.

According to the dermatologist, laser treatment of acne scars accomplishes two different missions First, to decrease the redness of the scar, making it blend more evenly with the rest of the skin.

The second one, to remodel the scar tissue deeper in the skin in order to raise the scar and make it flush with the plane of the skin.

Different lasers target different chromophores, mainly haemoglobin and melanin manipulating these targets with thermal laser energy is the principle behind its use in dermatology.

Types of Lasers:

Broadly speaking, lasers used in skin treatment are classified into Ablative, Nonablative, and Fractional lasers.

Acne Scar Laser Treatment and Types

Ablative Lasers:

Ablative lasers work by vaporizing or removing thin slices of the skin at the scarred areas. These lasers target both the epidermis and superficial skin layer and the dermis, the deep skin layer.

The most common types of ablative lasers are CO2 i.e. carbon dioxide and erbium: YAG lasers. Er: YAG is generally considered less effective than CO2, but associated with a lower risk of side effects and risks factor.

CO2 lasers are frequently used for scarring to create thermal areas of injury to rejuvenate collagen.

CO2 lasers are good for high-grade atrophic and hypertrophic scars, while Er: YAG is best for mild to moderate acne scarring. CO2 is also used for pigmented lesions and erbium for deep tissue scarring.

Nonablative Lasers:

These lasers target only the deep layer of the skin and do not vaporize scar tissue, but rather induce remodelling of connective tissue.

Nonablative lasers are not as effective as ablative lasers but they have the benefit of a much better safety which makes them quite popular nowadays.

Nonablative lasers include infrared, pulsed dye laser (PDL), and intense pulsed light (IPL). Nonablative lasers rely on the principle of inducing a controlled injury to collagen in the epidermis, which promotes the healing and remodelling process.

New collagen production in a more normal configuration causes tightening of the skin and an improvement in the appearance of acne scars.

Nonablative lasers are good for treating red or pigmented acne scars, as well as mild hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Fractional Lasers:

Fractional lasers are considered an intermediate between ablative and nonablative lasers. The delivery method of this lasers relies on the precise administration of thousands of tiny laser beams to a small area, which makes it super localized. Treatment areas are called microthermal treatment zones.

Fractional lasers penetrate both the epidermis and dermis. Laser energy is absorbed by skin cells, including melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) and collagen. This induces remodelling in the MTZs while leaving the surrounding areas intact, speeding up the recovery.

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